Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Chukkala Muggu 3

22 chukkalu 11 vache varaku madhya chukka.
22 dots, middle dot, till 11 dots.

Sparkling Stars

Made some stars for this christmas.

Cut a card board into star shape.
Apply glue or gum all over the star.
Sprinkle sparkles all over the board.
Stick a satin ribbon on back side of the card board for hanging.

Hanging hearts

Simple and creative hearts to express your love.
I hanged these hearts at our dressing table.

One more closeup view.

Rice wreath for Christmas

We made these wreaths for Christmas with colored rice.

Simply mix rice with your favorite color by adding very little water and let them dry.
Cut a card board of your desired size into a wreath.
Take a bowl with your favorite combination of colored rice mix with fevicol or gum.
Pour on the card board wreath and make sure that it looks like a donut, let that dry.
Stick a satin ribbon backside of the card board for hanging.
Embellishments are to your creativity, i used a store bought bow.

Himalayas Trekking Experience

Here starts my adventurous trip to Himalayas( Bakaria Top, 12,000ft). Everything is planned 3months before but as you know that am the ...