Thursday, January 8, 2015

My 5yr old LOVE GURU

Manvi came back from school around 3.30PM and our conversation went on like this ......

Me- Hi bangaru talli , hwz ur day
LO - Amma u knw wt happend 2day?
Me- No i dont knw, nuvvu cheptene kada telisedi
LO - today his frnd XXX(boy) said her I LOVE YOU
Me - i was shcoked adn listening to her what is she talking at an age of 5yrs
LO - I LOVE U ani cheptunadu amma, nenu kdua vadini LOVE cheyyali anta, nannu kuda I L U ani cheppamantunadu
Me - Oh i see, mari nuvvemi cheppavu? (i didnt showed much interested coz unnecessarily taking too much of interest will spoil dem anipinchindi)
LO - I said i dont love you and i dont want to love you ani ayina kuda vadu asalu naa mata vindam ledu amma naku ishtam ledu ani cheppina kuda 10 times cheppadu naku
Me - mari nuvvemi chesavu
LO - ayina sare nannu force chestunadu amma, nuvve cheppavu kada "v should not force anyone to do something" ani ........ vadu adugutunadu enduku NO antunavu ani
Me - ohoooo (jst listening and am still in shock)
LO - Nenu vadiki cheppanu Mummy and Daddy naku love chestunaru, dat love z enough for me i dont need more LOVE
Me - This ans z a double shock for me
LO - ayina kdua vindam ledu den he started saying 'so what you can Love me too na'
         appudu nenu vadiki cheppanu "if i Love u also my tummy will burst with so much Love so i cant love you" ani cheppanu amma vadu asalu naku 100 times cheppadu amma .......
Me - No words to speak, am really shocked and jst listening to her and so happy and overwhelmed with her answers and little confused also z she a matured gal and still innocent. The first reason she gave sounds very matured for her age but the second ans was very innocent answer ...........

Ento pillalu manaki telikundane peddaga ayipotunaru ......

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