Friday, September 16, 2016

Ganesh Chaturdhi 2016

Finally got some time to THANK the energetic team from my regular schedule

My heartfull Thanks & Blessings to Jr.Ganasena team (little kiddos & young kiddos) in making 240 invitation cards which are hand drawn (approximately 40 kids participated). Also on making of Name Plates of all dishes for Maha Prasadam Event (made more than 70 number)

Here are the Invitation cards,

THANK YOU to the core team for giving me an opportunity to serve Lord Ganesha.

THANK YOU to Big Boys of Kalki Ganasena Men for all the support you have given throughout the whole event. Without your support we (Ganasena Women) might not have planned and executed these many events. As a women, FAMILY is our first priority, you guys supported us from outside to inside (shopping to home)

And my Lovely Ladies, a simple THANK YOU is very simple to express. THANKYOU for being with me in all the events and accepting me a part of your team.

THANKYOU Big boys (Back bench boys) for the fabulous work, despite of rain & shine you shifted the stage in an hours time and you all practically proved that you are ENGINEERS ;)

THANKYOU Kalki residents for joining & baring my crazy dance for the crazy beat on the day of Nimajjanam / Send Off to Ganesha.

Last but not least, my DARLINGS .... 3 of you were there with me, in my every part of my life and so supportive in every crazy enjoyment of mine. Specially my 3yrs old younger one, LOVE YOU ALL

Here are few pics of our events

1st Day - Pranapratishta of Gamesha
2nd Day - Deepalankarana of Ganesha

3rd Day - Sakamabara (Vegetable decoration)
4th Day - Gnana / Vidya Ganesha (Books decoration)
5th Day - Maha Prasadam (51 different items of home made prasadams)

6th Day - Cultural events

7th Day - Ganesha Nimajjanam (SendOff)
Most saddening part of the event but we are eagerly waiting for the next year to Welcome Ganesha and to celebrate the event with the same energy.


Coralbell Flowers

Making of Coralbell flowers at home, though not very easy to make but kids will defenetly love to make and as parent its a very good activity which includes their thinking skills, eye hand coordination, very good exercise for fingers, creativity and yes keeping kids away from TV / TAB / LAPPY/MOBILE/ Electronic gadgets ..... on a positive side of the coin can decorate it in our corner vase ..

Used regular chart paper, have to cut many of these

Press it to half if you are using thick chart paper

Make it a bunch using minimum of 5 petals and tie with a thread

Make a few of these flowers
Take a stick and start adding in zig zag manner either stick with glue or tie with the help of thread
Now cover the stick with green color thin sheet

Make a bunch of these and place them in your corner vase , isn't it simple :)

Classroom Board Decoration

Here comes my new job of teaching that to with little Princesses & Princes ...... Yes your guess is correct started working as a PrePrimary Teacher .........
Initially am so worried and afraid of managing 4 - 5 yrs old kid but just wanted to try as am already doing the same at home with my younger one. After few days I started enjoying the innocence and expressions of the kids and YES am enjoying my job.
My first job in the school is to decorate my classroom before kids enter their kingdom and I wanted to welcome kids colorfully with some knowledge integrated in it so I decorated it like this, isn't it colorfull?

Now I have to paste alphabets on circle and alphabet related pictures on the drop down of every circle. Have you noticed that I covered shapes (circle & rectangle) in my board ;)

Himalayas Trekking Experience

Here starts my adventurous trip to Himalayas( Bakaria Top, 12,000ft). Everything is planned 3months before but as you know that am the ...