Monday, May 9, 2016

Butterfly Birthday Theme Decoration

Its my Girl birthday and she asked me for a Butterfly theme for her birthday , so i come up with this 3D butterflies with chart paper.

First i prepared banner , cut butterfly shaped chart papers for alphabets i used sparkle pens, with the help of satin ribbon stitched all of them together hanged on the wall.

Here is the process of making 3D butterflies, for 3D effect i used 2 different colors Pink & Blue. Cut butterfly shaped papers of both colors and keep them aside.

Fold it to half.

Apply glue on one side 

Stick the other color and repeat the same for pink color

Here i have used two pink color and in the middle blue color, when you open it looks like this

I have made few with Blue and few with Pink and they look like this

Sticking part is up to you

I have ordered for a customised butterfly cake also

Found these raffer butterflies in a nearby store, requested chef to use them on cake like this and he made it so wonderful.

And also we blowed balloons around 200 to surprise her .......... the moment she wokeup her room is full of balloons and she loved it .... my girl is super happy for this :) and so we too :)))))))

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