Friday, September 16, 2016

Coralbell Flowers

Making of Coralbell flowers at home, though not very easy to make but kids will defenetly love to make and as parent its a very good activity which includes their thinking skills, eye hand coordination, very good exercise for fingers, creativity and yes keeping kids away from TV / TAB / LAPPY/MOBILE/ Electronic gadgets ..... on a positive side of the coin can decorate it in our corner vase ..

Used regular chart paper, have to cut many of these

Press it to half if you are using thick chart paper

Make it a bunch using minimum of 5 petals and tie with a thread

Make a few of these flowers
Take a stick and start adding in zig zag manner either stick with glue or tie with the help of thread
Now cover the stick with green color thin sheet

Make a bunch of these and place them in your corner vase , isn't it simple :)

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